While I love Paranormal Romance, the genre has been flooded with vampires, shapeshifters, and twenty-year-old ass-kicking women. A new genre has popped up for readers who like their magic a little more subtle and their relationships a little more varied. Paranormal Women’s Fiction features older women with magic, struggling through life changes, identity, and the existence of ghosts. There’s often an element of mystery to be solved, and family relationships take center stage along with a strong personal development arc. They seem to range from cozy to powerful, and I’m loving the genre as a reader.

Elizabeth Hunter was recommended to me as the best entry point, and I’m happy to second that recommendation. Suddenly Psychic features three women in their 40s, struggling with loss, changing family relationships, and a sense of purpose. A nearly tragic accident unlocks strange powers for them. Robin Brannon, the star of this first book in the series, finds that she can see ghosts. The strange man who saved them from the accident seems eerily familiar, and must be connected to the fifty-year-old chained bones found in the man-made lake. As the mystery develops, Elizabeth digs into her own family past, along with the history of their town, and the dark secrets she finds help her disrupt the generational echoes of abuse and trauma in her life.

If you’re one of those people who read a book like this for the mystery and feel cheated if the twist ending is too obvious, you probably won’t enjoy this book. The mystery is solid, but the ending isn’t a surprise. The way they get there is the fun part, for me, and this book worked for me just fine on that front.

If, like me, it’s all about sinking into a sympathetic character, laughing and crying with her and her friends as they struggle to dust off their lives and reclaim their happiness, then you’ll love this as much as I do. The banter among the friends is sharp and witty. The women are strong in a way that doesn’t require punching anyone, and their flawed expressions of love are sympathetic. The personal development arc is highly satisfying, and the romance is sweet. Best of all, the writing itself is tightly crafted and evocative.

Visit the author’s website at https://elizabethhunterwrites.com/ for purchasing options and info on her other books, or check your local library. Suddenly Psychic is also available on Kindle Unlimited.

Content Notice: This book contains references to a family history of abuse and stalking, as well as drownings and near-drownings, and mention of suicide. The heat level is sweet, with no on-screen explicit sex. Remember to check and add books to Does the Dog Die, where you can see details on many different forms of media for common trauma triggers and traumatic content.

Disclosure: I do not receive any compensation for reviews of books. Most reviews are of books I personally purchase and enjoy based on friend recommendations. If you’ve loved a recent popular book and think I might too, please contact me!

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