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A proposed 5 book series centered around a reality TV docudrama about the Oregon Logging industry, putting a queer lens on relationships, gender expectations, workplace culture, and navigating personal identity in the public spotlight. Season One is currently on submission with potential as a standalone romance. Contact Annalise Errico at Ladderbird Lit for full series proposal.


Aspiring producer and secret idealist Anna MacKenzie needs this reality docudrama on Oregon logging to launch her career. She expected the studio executives and her ambitious ex to fight her dream of making sympathetic, positive television. She wasn’t expecting the biggest fight to come from a giant, grumpy, backwoods lumberjerk determined to sabotage her show.

Henry West is not about to let some Hollywood slimeball come in with pretty promises and throw the private lives of everyone he cares about into the national spotlight for public ridicule. Not even for the cash infusion his family’s logging business desperately needs. Not even when said slimeball comes with eyes like the shifting shadows on mossy stone, and a mind as sharp and devious as his own.

In their war of contract loopholes and Disney princess theme songs, the line between fighting and flirting quickly blurs. But a cease fire proves even more dangerous, as glimpses of each other’s dreams and vulnerabilities leaves them wanting more. Giving in to the pull of attraction would risk her career, his family’s reputation, and both their hearts.


Gracie Wilkins is a fully functional, grown adult. That’s what she’s hoping to prove after a lifetime of disasters, failed relationships, and messy mistakes. Now she’s well on her way to chief operating officer of the fastest growing matchmaker app on the market and almost never gets into screaming matches with her workplace nemesis, the always Mx. Perfect coding team-leader, Emery Overing.

Until the couple who cofounded the app get caught in a screaming match. The truth, that the famous faces of true love and happy ever after are teetering on the edge of divorce, threatens the company’s public launch and the payoff of all Gracie’s hard work. She’ll do anything to ensure the company succeeds and her with it, even step in when one of the cofounders bails on the couples counseling they’re ordered to complete. She can pretend to be in a troubled marriage for four months, when it means realizing all her hopes and dreams. But when it turns out both sides of the founding couple bailed and she’ll be faking couples counseling with her nemesis, Emery Overing, she has to decide just how far she’s wiling to go to uphold the lie.

And as the lines blur and their intimacy grows, she has to figure out how much of her attraction to them is fake, after all, and whether falling in love with her nemesis will be her greatest disaster yet.