While I have done critique editing for non-fiction/academic papers for over a decade, I have three years of experience beta reading fiction projects of any length for published and querying authors.

My Specialties:

  • Romance of any steam level (including erotica), as well as most romance subgenres. I am comfortable with polyamorous romance, and will consider most dark or kink romances.
  • Mystery, including cozy
  • Contemporary/urban/low fantasy
  • General commercial/genre and upmarket fiction

Sensitivity Reading available for:

  • Gender non-binary characters or themes of gender and sexuality
  • Plus-size characters (my perspective is strongly HAES/FA)
  • NeoPagan/witch characters
  • Polyamorous characters

I am not a good fit for

  • kidlit (I am willing to work on YA, but it is not a specialty of mine)
  • horror
  • military/espionage
  • thriller
  • conservative themes
  • inspirational Christian fiction
  • historical fiction
  • hard sci-fi
  • epic fantasy
  • Anything where the dog/horse/cat/pet dies
  • Literary fiction

The Beta Reading Process

I will provide high-level story feedback and suggestions that include the following:

  • Character development, motivation, and stakes
  • Genre beats and tropes (especially for romance and mystery)
  • Plot structure and progression, tension maintenance
  • Anything that stands out to me as a reader, both positive and negative.

I may offer line-editing suggestions if I notice a pattern of line-level craft issues, but a beta reader is not an editor, nor a replacement for one. I am also just one reader in a highly subjective process that is largely guided by taste, so I encourage you to trust your writer instincts and vision above any feedback I provide.

Positivity Pass

A positivity pass focuses only on what’s working and what I love. It is designed for writers who are feeling discouraged or blocked, and need an enthusiastic cheerleader to tell them where their work shines.

Contact me for rates. Discounts available to marginalized authors.