I’m finding myself more and more drawn to light, uncomplicated, wholesome reads. When everything around me is bleak, I want my fiction to be escapism. That’s why Saddled was such a refreshing read, both as a beta reader and a purchaser.

A woman executive at a condom manufacturing company falls hard for a new temp. But she’s responsible for the no-dating policy at work, and to complicate things, she discovers his alter-ego. By day he’s a talented, aspiring public relations rep. By night he’s Saddle McFleshbomb, a professional stripper.

Delightfully feminist, unabashedly raunchy, and sex-worker positive, this romance is a perfect weekend retreat into a gentler, wholesome world of ridiculous co-workers and happy endings. Best of all, you can leave your hat on.

Saddled is available on Amazon. 

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